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What are the reasons behind your decision not to vaccinate?

When I was in nursing school about 25 years ago, I learned very little about the side effects of vaccinations. I learned that “fever and crying” were common symptoms following vaccination but not really about anything worse than that which could potentially happen following vaccination. Seven years ago while pregnant with my son, I began doing intensive research on side effects for the flu vaccine. This led me to further information on vaccines in general. Researching numerous peer-reviewed science and medical journal articles led me to an understanding of the more serious side effects possible with vaccines and the surprising failure rates of vaccines. 

I also read vaccine manufacturer’s package inserts, available online. The CDC has a chart listing vaccine excipients according to each vaccine. There are aborted fetal cell lines used in some vaccines, along with human albumin and human diploid cells from aborted fetuses. That goes against our religious beliefs. Our research gave us a better understanding of both sides of the issue and led us to decide that vaccination is not a choice for our family.

What research have you done that influenced that decision?

My research led to the ingredients used in the manufacturing of vaccines and we were astounded to find dozens of other substances, including heavy metals. While Thimerosal was removed from most vaccines around 2010, vaccines today still use aluminum as a main ingredient, along with other substances like: formaldehyde (an environmental toxin and cancer-causing substance), antibiotics, monkey kidney cells, yeast protein, ethanol, phenol (an allergen), detergent, insect cell, polysorbate 80 (can be harmful to some who have Crohn’s Disease), canine kidney cell protein, and aborted fetal cell DNA, as well as animal DNA (according to some manufacturer’s vaccine inserts). Even though the manufacturer says that all but traces of these ingredients are removed with packaging, who knows how much of any of these ingredients is too much for sensitive individuals? 

My main concerns are the aluminum, human fetal cells, and the animal cells used. As for the aluminum, there are several peer-reviewed scientific research studies addressing the danger of injecting it into the body. It is a known neurotoxin. It’s not something you want injected into your body where it ends up in your blood system. When we ingest heavy metals in our food, the GI system of a healthy person is capable of filtering much of it out, whereas injecting it into subcutaneous or muscle tissue is not filtered because it is carried directly to the blood vessels where it then has direct access to the brain, liver, and kidneys. There’s no filter system with injection. Who would put these trace amounts of toxins into their child’s smoothie? No one would. Who knows how much of an accumulative effect there is and how much of that is too much for a particularly sensitive child?

There is quite a bit of recent scientific research data showing how live virus vaccines (especially the MMR, DTaP (bacterial toxoid), varicella vaccine, and shingles vaccine) are actually spreading virus to and infecting others, both vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

Several peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown live measles virus in the throats of children just days after receiving the vaccine. 

There is another scientific study, showing how a vaccinated person in New York ended up unknowingly infecting numerous other people with the measles. This is not new. 

There is a recent case study done by an MIT scientist, showing how aluminum, when injected with vaccines, can lead to neuronal damage.

The CDC has an article on a measles outbreak at a high school in Illinois, in 1984, where there was a 100% vaccination rate, and yet multiple kids got measles from a vaccinated student.  

The FDA has an article about a study that was done on baboons with the DTaP vaccine, which showed how even though some of the baboons received protection from the vaccine, the Pertussis bacteria was found in their airway and they were able to pass it on to their unvaccinated young who then contracted Pertussis. The FDA says this study is important because it shows how parents who receive the DTaP vaccine, thinking they are protecting their infant who is too young to receive the vaccine, can actually pass the Pertussis on to them.

As for the current measles outbreak, it is not really an epidemic. As of January 23 of this year there are only 68 people in 11 states that have measles. This is basically the same as the outbreaks that occurred in 2013 and 2014. And there have been no deaths from measles since 2004 while there have been 108 deaths due to the MMR vaccine, according to the vaccine injury recording system, VAERS. (Cite Sound Byte Sheet, circled asterisk comments)

In my research, I came across scientific data based on historic facts which shows that most of the infectious diseases were already in a steep trajectory of decline on their own even several decades before the vaccines were developed, due to increased sanitation, clean water, better nutrition, and improved living conditions. Open sewers and contaminated water became a thing of the past. Fourteen families living in a tenement building no longer had to share ONE public toilet. And so on. Even infectious diseases for which no vaccine has ever been developed were in the same steep decline, due to the same living condition improvements. Many other developed countries have similar historic data showing the same steep decline in these infectious diseases before vaccines were developed. People can Google charts that show this data.

The number vaccine schedule has more than doubled in the past 30 years. This is due to vaccine failure. How does increasing vaccine administration remedy that when the vaccines are scientifically shown to fail? Their rate of effectiveness is never 100%

Have you faced any backlash from anyone because of your decision/conviction?

We haven’t faced any personal backlash, but have talked to parents who have. There is concern over a growing movement of backlash, much of which is based on misinformation and parents just not having the information for BOTH sides of the issue. 

What would you like to tell people who are skeptical about not getting vaccinated?

I would encourage them to get all the information they can from both sides of the issue and not just what they hear on the television or from a doctor. Doctors are busy people and can’t always be up on the latest research. Remember, that like all other drugs, vaccines have side effects, and many of them can be serious and even irreversible. So, understanding all of the details can help make an informed decision.

You don’t have to be a scientist to understand the scientific studies. It takes a little time to dig through scientific articles, and such, but isn’t that worth it for your precious children? By researching both sides of the issue, parents can make an informed choice.

Like any medical procedure, people need to be free to choose, based on scientific information. Mandatory vaccination is detrimental to a free society and dangerous to people who simply cannot be vaccinated due to health issues. Like all drugs today, vaccines have real side effects.

We are not “anti-vaccine,” we are for vaccine choice: the right for parents to become fully informed of both sides of the issue so that they can then make an informed decision.

Good sources of peer-reviewed scientific research information on vaccines and their ingredients:

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Oxford Journals: http://www.oxfordjournals.org/en/our-journals/science-and-mathematics.html


Manufacturer’s vaccine inserts can be read online at: 




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